"A fashion business has to be global now, it’s what helped us breakthrough in a very crowded market.”
- Nicky Zimmermann of Australia’s successful swimwear label Zimmermann (The Business of Fashion)


Austyle can provide you with a customised sales-representation plan by creating a compelling value platform and communication strategy to position your brand as a must-have for targeted retailers in the Middle East.

We work hard to create reputable partnerships with a broad range of quality retailers in the GCC areas and are well positioned with a luxury showroom in the heart of cosmopolitan Dubai.


The Middle Eastern fashion scene is not all about glamour. Austyle can offer you the right advice on strategic market entry and sales plans for your brand. We cover experience across a broad spectrum of buying patterns and preferences, marketing, social media and the correct promotion channels for your brand. By creating an ideal ‘entry strategy’ for your label, you can be sure to assured you’ll enter the region equipped with the market intelligence to succeed.


We cater for the International expansion and globalisation of your brand, by providing full service representation inclusive of social media & management, buyer relationship administration, sales representation and invoicing of all orders. Labels which are distributed under the Austyle portfolio are safeguarded with a reduced workload and lowered debtor risk.


Brimming with passion for Australian style and the most current up-to-date trends, we can tailor a personal shopping experience to unlock your very own Australian-fashion transformation.